Tools for Reproductive Labour

October 4, 2019

Tools for Reproductive Labour is an intermedia research project and art trajectory initiated by Aïlien Reyns that is co-created with female reproductive labourers, artists/designers, academia/scientists, and activists/feminists.Through participant observations and qualitative interviews, Aïlien is investigating how the bodies of the female lay participants are (being) used as a ‘natural’ tool for reproductive labour, and how their body could ‘be in need of’ a supportive tool while performing this labour.

Next, Aïlien will organise workshops in which emancipatory tools that symbolise this need for recognition and support are co-created with students and young professionals in arts, design, and software and product development.

And finally, the artist will exhibit both the co-created tools and artistic research and development process in the form of “immersive intermedia” exhibitions. By visualizing the obstacles and opportunities for reproductive labour in this way, this project aims to articulate the ‘value’ of social groups that currently remain under-represented, under-valued, or marginalised.

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