UGent Women’s Strike

March 9, 2021

We take care of UGent, does UGent take care of us?

Every day our colleagues from the cleaning services and student restaurants make sure that UGent staff and students can work and study in clean offices and classrooms and with a full stomach. Too often they have to do this care work in difficult and precarious conditions and at low wages.

This is why they are going on strike on Monday the 9th of March, inspired by the International Women’s Strike that calls for better conditions for women’s paid and unpaid care work.

UGent Women’s Strike and ACOD UGent are in full solidarity with the staff on strike.

What do we want?

1) insourcing of the cleaners so they are better protected as UGent staff.

2) statutarisation of staff in the student restaurants and child care services for better protection in case of illness and better pension rights.

3) living wage of 14 euro per hour so all UGent staff can live and work in dignity.

What can you do?

Join us on Monday, 9 March from 12:00 onwards to support the striking care workers. We will set up a long lunch table with soup, bread and plenty of roses served by your favorite professor, live music with the best feminist tunes, and a lot of feminist power. Afterwards, the Dutch feminist Anja Meulenbelt will give a lecture (in Dutch).

This link takes you to our crowdfunding where you can make a donation to support our colleagues on strike:

9 March 202012:00-14:00

Rectorate UGent – Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 25


Twitter @WomenGent

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