The Strike, with Verónica Gago

March 5, 2021

Ghent University Women’s Strike and Kunsthal Gent warmly invite for another evening of joyful militancy on Friday 5 March, 20.00 together with #NiUnaMenos organiser Verónica Gago and activist collectives from across the globe. In this online event in preparation of the 8 March, we will explore how we can use the strike in our toolkit of social reproduction. What is the potential of the strike in laying bare the global divisions of labour in keeping our families and communities alive and healthy and our workplaces up and running? What kind of work do we need to undo or stop doing during a feminist strike? How do we merge the politics of intersectional feminisms with the tool of the strike? And what kind of work does it take to actually organise a feminist strike? More info and registration here

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