Collective Syllabus Gender & Globalisation

October 9, 2022

In the aftermath of the UGent course on Gender and Globalisation, five students created an amazing and beautifully illustrated collective syllabus around the various seminar topics, ranging from social reproduction and labour to intimacies of colonialism, and (trans)nationalism and borders to nature/biology. Take a look at the abfab syllabus and the accompanying music list, and spread the intersectional feminist love!

This Collective Syllabus was made and illustrated by five students who followed the
UGent seminar course ‘Gender and Globalisation in 2021-2022, Elisa Tondeleir, Alina-
Anna Josephson, Nadezhda Oorzhak, Natasha Ortolan Ervilha and Evgenii Nikolaev, in
collaboration with the course organisor, Siggie Vertommen. It builds on the collective
work that was done by all 115 students during the course.

Feel free to spread the intersectional feminist love, and use, re-use, diffuse but never
abuse (parts) of this collective syllabus for your own academic and non-academic
projects in gender and globalisation