TFRL at Precarious Works exhibition

November 26, 2019

For the TRIPOT solo exhibition Precarious Works at the Bogardenkapel in Bruges, Aïlien Reyns chose to shed light on the current collision between her personal and professional life, which both pivot around the subjects of ‘care’ and ‘reproduction’. In 2019, Aïlien conceived a new artistic research project called Tools for Reproductive Labour, while also becoming a mother herself (Moon Reyns Truwant, °07/06/19). Whereas Precarious Works visualized the clash between the demands of ‘the woman’ (‘learning’ the ropes as the mother of a new-born) and the expectations of ‘the artist’ (the need to ‘create’ new work), this accompanying catalogue sheds more light on the professional research trajectory Tools for Reproductive Labour which ‘the artist’ (as well as ‘the woman’) will develop during the following years.